&Handwein (DE)

Mannheim, Pfalz, Duitsland

"I was born in France (1968), and with my mother a Breton and my father having hailed from North Frisia (Germany), i grew up in the Palatinate - it follows that grape harvesting was also my first job...

In addition, I was lucky to regularly spend time at Champagne wineries that belonged to friends of my parents and in the process learn a bit about cellar work. After university and a life in the arts, I returned to wine more or less by accident - in 2008, a friend bought an old winery, renovated it and started bottling his first bottles of wine (Arnold & Lang). I quickly became a "taster" there, organized events for end customers, and worked in the cellar and in the vineyard. I especially learned to love the locations in the FelsenbergBerntal, where we have our Sylvaner & Riesling (1 acre, directly adjoining CollectiveZ).

Well, Arnold & Lang ended up separating, and no longer used the winery... In the meantime, however, I had gotten into contact with different "Natural" wine growers and was allowed to use the cellar... and that's how the little thing started to develop. In Olaf Richter (former cellar master at Zindt-Humbrecht), Daniel AƟmuth, the Collective Z, and Andreas Durst, I always have excellent "advisors" by my side... this is also how I came up with the idea to use the "&" symbol as the logo. At the end of 2019, I discovered a former wine cellar in Mannheim, and moved the wine making there - & Handwein is now Urban Winery and will soon also have a modern website with a webshop and everything."